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My Brilliant Friends. Nancy K. Miller

My Brilliant Friends…

Three women changed my life—Carolyn Heilbrun, Naomi Schor, and Diane Middlebrook. Part memoir, part biography, My Brilliant Friends is an intimate account of our relationships, forged in the spirit of the seventies feminism that altered so many women’s destinies. These stories, both personal and intellectual, show how friendships between women can present new forms of self-fashioning and sustain challenges to conventional cultural narratives. Columbia University Press. More about the book plus news and reviews »

Nancy K. Miller. Did you smoke?

My Multifocal Life. Writings and drawings, as well as diary posts and articles about the ups and downs of living with cancer—my story almost seven years and two surgeries in, but also the narratives of others. Continue reading »

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In Books… These three twenty-first century memoirs represent different aspects of my history as a feminist critic and Jewish New Yorker—from my ex-pat years in Paris, besotted with French literature, to my engagement with memoir and the work it does in the world, to the discovery of a lost family narrative that revealed the mysteries of my immigrant origins. View all books »

From the Diary… Cancer Gadfly, travel writing, graphic memoirs, Paris memoir, feminist friends, Jewish history/culture, conferences, and much more. View the diary »