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Nancy K. Miller. Did you smoke?

My Multifocal Life

Since my diagnosis with late stage lung cancer in late December 2011, I’ve been experimenting with how to represent the experience of living with multi-focal cancer, visually and in prose. I’ve wanted to create a record of what a life-limiting disease looks and feels like. I think of the images as a particular kind of outsider art created in dialogue with the many new graphic memoirs dealing with cancer and other illnesses. View the project »

Recent Past

Feminist Friendship Archive

Feminist Friendship Archive

The “Feminist Friendship Archive” documents the lives of three great friends of mine—Diane Middlebrook, Naomi Schor and Carolyn Heilbrun—who died in the first decade of the twenty-first century. In My Brilliant Friends, I interweave the stories of our relationships with literary works that memorialize the loss of friends. View the project »

Paris Memoir

The girl on the cover of Breathless: An American Girl in Paris is me, circa 1962. I’m walking along the banks of the Seine, on my way to work teaching English at Lycée Racine, a French high school for girls. View the project »

What They Saved

What They Saved: Pieces of a Jewish Past is a memoir about my quest to recreate the history of my father’s missing family. The website includes images from Eastern Europe, maps, and archival records that helped me figure how what happened to these relatives, who, until the journey were unknown to me. View the project »