Diary Entry

From the Department of Self-Promotion

As all twenty-first century authors know, writing a book is now just a small part of publishing. The real work comes once the book is out. Here’s an instance of that assignment, but one that I will enjoy. On Thursday February 28th, I’ll be at Book Culture (81st and Columbus Ave) talking about My Brilliant Friends with my most brilliant and multi-talented friend, polymath Wayne Koestenbaum: poet, writer, critic, musician, painter, and, not least, my beloved colleague at the Graduate Center (CUNY). I hope to see you there.

More info about the event here.

Nancy K. Miller. Diary

Welcome. Some musings on my current preoccupations with the worlds of illness and the worlds of books: the vicissitudes of living with cancer and the need, for now, to launch (a k a promote) my new memoir, My Brilliant Friends: Our Lives in Feminism. Naturally, I inhabit both spaces, which makes for a strangely bifurcated, though far from boring, existence. Click to view both Feminist Friendship Archive and My Multifocal Life projects.