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New Year, New Book

Feminists Reclaim Mentorship

I’m happy to welcome 2023 by announcing the publication of a new collection — Feminists Reclaim Mentorship: An Anthology — that I’ve co-imagined and co-edited with Tahneer Oksman. The personal essays from 26 contributors offer multiple perspectives on acts and experiences of feminist mentoring, stories of the good, the awful, and everything in between.

The book is out officially February 1. This also means that we’ll have just missed National Mentoring Month, which was January 2023 (see National Today and The White House Proclamation on Mentoring Month).

I confess to feeling embarrassed by my ignorance. It would have been useful, at the very least, to acknowledge the existence of a national celebration of mentoring in the Introduction to the essays. Tahneer and I will have to make up for that as we talk about the book in the coming months, how we are part of that wider story. Stay tuned!

[Editor’s note: find out more about the book and purchase from the publisher with a 30% discount through May 2023]

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