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These articles reflect my recent thoughts about memoir and fiction, feminism and teaching.

A Backward Glance (pdf)
a/b: Auto/Biography Studies, Spring 2017

Elegiac Friendship: Notes on Loss (pdf)
Feminist Studies. Special Issue: Women’s Friendships, 2016

The Trauma of Diagnosis: Picturing Cancer in Graphic Memoir (pdf)
Configurations, Spring 2014

Remembering Anne Sexton: Maxine Kumin in Conversation with Diane Middlebrook (pdf)
PMLA, 2012

A Feminist Friendship Archive (pdf)
Profession, 2011

Getting Transpersonal: The Cost of an Academic Life
Prose Studies, 2009 (available here)

Starting Out in the Fifties: Grace Paley, Philip Roth, and the Making of a Literary Career
Contemporary Women’s Writing, 2009 (available here)

On Being Wrong (pdf)
Profession, 2008

Family Hair Looms (pdf)
WSQ, 2008

A Memoir of Feminism: An Interview with Nancy K. Miller
With Jeffrey Williams, Minnesota Review, 2007
Download from The Minnesota Review

I Killed My Grandmother: Mary Antin, Amos Oz, and the Autobiography of a Name (pdf)
Biography, 2007

The Entangled Self: Genre Bondage in the Age of the Memoir (pdf)
PMLA, 2007

Out of the Family: Generations of Women in Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis
Life Writing, 2007 (available here)

Women’s Secrets and the Novel: Remembering Mary McCarthy’s The Group (pdf)
Social Research, 2001

But Enough About Me, What Do You Think Of My Memoir? (pdf)
Yale Journal of Criticism, 2000