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My Brilliant Friends

My Brilliant Friends. Nancy K. MillerAs classes begin, I’m reading page proofs for My Brilliant Friends: Our Lives in Feminism and feeling a bit overwhelmed by the process, especially by the digital exigencies of twenty-first-century publishing. I’m even a little nostalgic for the days of cut and paste with scissors and glue, and handwritten marks on the page itself.

Look for the book from Columbia University Press’s Gender and Culture Series in January 2019.

Please stay tuned for updates…

Nancy K. Miller. Diary

Welcome. Some musings on my current preoccupations with the worlds of illness and the worlds of books: the vicissitudes of living with cancer and the need, for now, to launch (a k a promote) my new memoir, My Brilliant Friends: Our Lives in Feminism. Naturally, I inhabit both spaces, which makes for a strangely bifurcated, though far from boring, existence. Click to view both Feminist Friendship Archive and My Multifocal Life projects.